Technosoft IDM680 Intelligent Servo Drive with EtherCAT

The Technosoft IDM680 is an intelligent servo drive. The IDM680 features EtherCAT communication interface, embedded motion controller, and sensors for digital and linear Halls, SSI, EnDAT, BiSS, sine/cosine incremental encoders and resolver. IDM680 can operate either as a standard EtherCAT slave using a CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol, or it can be programmed to execute complex motion programs directly at drive level, using the built-in motion controller and the EasyMotion Studio platform. IDM680 with EtherCAT is ideal for motion control applications that require high data transfer rates, short data processing times and high synchronicity with low jitter (such as plant or building automation industries).

Technosoft IDM680 Intelligent Drive with High-speed EtherCAT Communication

Technosoft IDM680 Intelligent Servo Drive Features

  • Fully digital servo amplifier with embedded motion controller
  • Suitable for AC brushless, DC brushless, DC brush, linear and stepping motors
  • CANopen communication interface, compatible with DS301 and DS402, or EtherCAT communication interface
  • BiSS Encoder supported
  • Control modes: position, speed, or torque
  • Motion modes: S-curve profiles, 1st / 3rd order PT/PVT interpolation, electronic gearing and camming
  • External reference: analog or digital (2nd encoder or pulse and direction)
  • Powerful TML instruction set including: Motion commands, program flow control, I/O handling, arithmetic and logic operations, remote control from another drive
  • Axes synchronization between all drives
  • Output current: 8 A continuous; 16.5 A peak
  • Supply voltage: 12 to 48 V for logic; 12 to 80 V for motor
  • Compact covered-frame design (136 x 84.5 x 26) mm
  • DSP controller based on the Technosoft MotionChip technology
  • 10-bit PWM at 20 KHz
  • RS-232 serial communication, up to 115 k baud rate
  • Operation in multiple-axis structures, via CAN communication channel

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