Diamond Systems Opal-MM-1616 PC/104 Optoisolated I/O Module

Diamond Systems introduced the Opal-MM-1616 PC/104 I/O module. The Opal-MM-1616 board features 16 unidirectional optoisolated inputs and 16 relay outputs. It is supported by Diamond’s Universal Driver software library. The Universal Driver software is a high-level programming library for all of Diamond’s data acquisition products. The OPMM-1616-XT is ideal for industrial automation, transportation, energy, instrumentation, aerospace, military, and medical markets and applications. The Opal-MM-1616-XT Optoisolated Input and Relay Output PC/104 Module is available now for $195.

Diamond Systems Opal-MM-1616 PC/104 I/O module

Opal-MM-1616 Optoisolated Inputs

  • Number of inputs: 16 unidirectional optoisolated inputs
  • Input capacity: 30VDC with current limiting resistors
  • Input impedance: 8k ohms
  • Logic levels: Logic 0: 0 – 1.5VDC, Logic 1: 3 – 30VDC
  • Programmability: Programmable edge detection with interrupts

Opal-MM-1616 Relay Outputs

  • Number of outputs: 16 relay outputs
  • Relay contacts: SPDT (Form C) contacts, break before make
  • Current capacity: 2A
  • Switching capacity: 30VDC at 2A, 125VAC at 0.1A resistive
  • Maximum switching capacity: 30W (DC)
  • Contact resistance: 50mohm max
  • Actuation time: Operate = 5ms maximum, Release = 5ms maximum
  • Relay lifetime: 10,000,000 operations
Opal-MM-1616 Opto In + Relay Out ~ Diamond Systems

More information: Diamond Systems