Ambarella A7 SoC for Hybrid 1080p60 DV/DSC Cameras

Ambarella introduced the A7 system-on-chip (SoC) for advanced hybrid still and video cameras. The A7 delivers features 528-MHz ARM11 CPU, full HD 1080p60 or 4Mp30 H.264 video recording, high-speed 500Mpixels/second capture capability, smooth slow-motion replay, high dynamic range (HDR) processing, image stabilization, both DIS and EIS, and rolling shutter correction for CMOS sensors. The A7 can simultaneously encode a full HD stream while encoding a second stream for upload to the Internet or for streaming over WiFi. The Ambarella A7 SoC and hybrid camera reference design kit and SDK are available now.

Ambarella A7 system-on-chip (SoC) for hybrid still and video cameras

Ambarella A7 Features

  • 500 Mpixels/s capture rate
  • Full HD 1920x1080p60 H.264 video capture
  • 4Mp30 (2560×1600) H.264 video capture
  • 8MP x 60fps RAW capture burst mode
  • Multiple simultaneous capture scenarios: Full HD + mobile video and Full HD + mega-pixel stills
  • Over-sampling of sensor data enables patented Clean Digital Zoom
  • Fully compliant H.264 decode
  • High ISO processing for excellent low light imaging
  • Advanced chroma noise reduction
  • 3D MCTF noise reduction for clean video with minimal motion blur
  • Dewarping supports fisheye and zoom lenses
  • Ultra-stable video using advanced DIS and EIS with rolling shutter compensation
  • Extremely low power architecture
  • High performance 528MHz ARM 11
  • Advanced GUI performance
  • Simultaneous LCD/HDMI with separate OSD
  • Touch screen LCD support
  • High-speed face detection and tracking
  • Rich peripheral support

Ambarella A7 Solution for Hybrid 1080p60 DV/DSC Cameras

More information: Ambarella