Semitech SM2200 OFDMA Power Line Communication Transceiver

Semitech Semiconductor launched the SM2200 OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) based power line transceiver. The smart grid SM2200 includes a packet data modem with a simple physical layer protocol. When combined with a microcontroller (MCU), the chip is a cost effective solution for data links and point-to-point, star or ad hoc networks. The SM2200 IC is ideal for metering infrastructure and automated meter reading, street lighting control, smart energy home area networking, home automation, building automation, and other deployments requiring communications over an existing power line. The OFDMA power line communication transceiver is sampling now.

SM2200 OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) power line transceiver

Semitech Semiconductor SM2200 OFDMA power line communication transceiverSemitech SM2200 Features

  • OFDMA transceiver
  • High tonal and impulse noise immunity
  • 175kbps maximum data rate
  • Super-robust mode of up to 125 kbps
  • 54 carriers grouped into 18 independent OFDMA channels allowing frequency division
  • BPSK/QPSK selectable modulation for each channel
  • Selectable 5kHz-500kHz frequency range for each carrier
  • Channel specific in-band noise estimation
  • Programmable band in use (BIU) threshold for noise avoidance
  • Narrow band emulation and low frequency mode
  • Selectable frequency range for each carrier
  • Transmit power regulation
  • Error correction
  • 2 integrated OpAmps
  • SPI and interrupt host interface

The Semitech SM2200 IC uses modulation and signal processing technology that is adjustable in speed and frequency agile to deliver highly robust and reliable communications. The SM2200 adapts to the noise environment to select the most effective transmission frequency. It also employs a Multi Access scheme to provide additional robustness and enables communication with multiple nodes simultaneously.

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