AdaCore Ada Web Server for Wind River VxWorks

AdaCore rolled out Ada Web Server (AWS) for Wind River’s VxWorks Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). AWS for VxWorks, when used with the GNAT Pro development environment, enables developers to easily implement a user interface to embedded systems through regular web browsers. With AWS for VxWorks, users can connect through a direct TCP/IP link to board-level applications flike system control, configuration, and maintenance. The two-way interface is both lightweight and flexible. AWS for Wind River VxWorks is available now.

AWS for VxWorks Features

  • Web Parameters Module for retrieving forms or URL parameters and building an associative table for easy access
  • Session Server that keeps client data from page to page
  • SOAP support for developing web services and generating stubs/skeletons from a WSDL document
  • Template parser, allowing the complete separation of web design from code
  • HTTPS/SSL, for Secure Sockets based on the OpenSSL library
  • Support for large servers and virtual hosting using dispatchers based on URI request methods or host names
  • Server Push support
  • Log Module to keep log file of all resources requested by servers
  • Support for SOAP, SMTP, POP and LDAP protocols and the AJAX standard
  • Client-side support using client API to retrieve any web page from a web page
  • High-level services, including directory browser, status page for information, and web page service to build simple static page servers

In the past, Ada Web Server has been available on native operating systems, including Windows and Linux. VxWorks is the first RTOS supported by AWS, providing developers with a target-independent solution for creating user interfaces for embedded applications. Ports to additional embedded RTOS platforms are currently under development.

More information: AdaCore