HawkBoard Open Source Embedded Processor Development Board

HawkBoard is an open source embedded processor development board. The HawkBoard features an ARM and digital signal processor (DSP). It has multiple expansion and interface options to enable engineers and developers to create end-use applications such as portable test and measurement systems, portable medical devices, public safety and military radios, power protection systems, networked audio/video servers and receivers, VoIP solutions and Qt development applications. The HawkBoard is now available worldwide for 73.69 pounds ($108.86).

HawkBoard open source embedded processor development board

The HawkBoard is based on the OMAP-L138 processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). Developers can utilize ARM without DSP with TI’s pin-for-pin compatible AM1808 microprocessor from the Sitara family of processors. The low-cost development board requires only a five-volt power supply, allowing portability by connecting to a laptop.

HawkBoard Highlights

  • OMAP-L138 processor integrates an ARM 926 applications processor and C674x floating-point digital signal processor, delivering up to 450 MHz performance
  • 128 MB of DDR2 RAM and 128 MB of NAND flash
  • Built-in SATA controller supports SATA I and II interfaces as well as built-in MMC/SD
  • JTAG interface provides low-level debugging and reads/writes software and data into system memories
  • Two integrated USB ports, including USB on-the-go (OTG)
  • Stereo audio in/out and video (VGA) in/out interfaces
  • Contains serial interfaces and additional expansion ports (SPI, UPP, PRU, VPIF, GPIO, UART, I2C, LCDC, eCAP and eHRPWM)

Innovate Software Solutions is the developer of the HawkBoard.

More info: HawkBoard.org | Innovate Software Solutions | Farnell