Witech OK2440-III ARM9 Development Board

The OK2440-III is an ARM9 development board for the Samsung S3C2440 microprocessor (clocked to 533MHz). The OK2440 ARM9 development kit consists of a 6-layer core board and a 2-layer base board. It is ideal for embedded development training applications, industrial control equipment, and consumer electronics devices such as PDAs and PNDs (personal navigation devices). The OK2440-III development kit is available now for $82. Add-on parts available for the OK2440-III includes 3.5″ LCD, 4.3″ LCD, 5.6″ LCD, 7″ LCD, 8″ LCD, CMOS camera, WIFI, GPS, and GPRS.

Witech OK2440-III ARM9 development board for the Samsung S3C2440 micro processor

OK2440 ARM9 Development Kit Highlights

  • Samsung S3C2440A microcontroller, running @400MHz
  • 64MB SDRAM
  • 256MB Nand Flash
  • Serial Ports: 5-wire RS232 port, baud rate @ 115200bps and 3-wire serial port interface
  • 100M Ethernet with connection and transmission indicator, using DM9000
  • USB Host and USB Device
  • Stereo audio output socket for earphone or speaker, using IIS interface chip UDA1341
  • SD card slot
  • IDE connector, can be used for connecting hard disk or as Bus expansion interface
  • On-board 4-wire resistive touch screen interface
  • 50-pin LCD connector
  • Supports black and white, 4 level grayscale, 16 level grayscale, 256-color, 4096-color STN LCD
  • On-board 3.3V/5V power output interface for variety LCD models
  • Supports up to 10.4″ LCD, LVDS interface
  • 20p 2.0mm pitch camera connector
  • Internal real time clock
  • Reset button with specific reset circuit
  • 20-pin Multi-ICE JTAG interface, supporting SDT2.51, ADS1.2
  • 5V power supply with power switch and indicator
  • Five user buttons
  • Four user LEDs
  • PWM-controlled buzzer
  • Adjustable resistance connected to ADS pins for A/D conversion verification
  • Temperature sensor
  • Infrared receiver
  • Expansion interface, containing SPI/GPIO and I2C, etc

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