Data Translation DT9836S USB Data Acquisition Module

Data Translation rolled out the DT9836S USB data acquisition module. The DT9836S is a completely isolated high speed USB module providing simultaneous analog inputs at up to 800kHz per channel or 4.8MHz total. Each analog input channel has its own separate A/D converter eliminating phase shift between each channel. The data acquisition module features an ENOB (Effective Number of Bits) rating of 14.4 bits and an SFDR (Spurious Free Dynamic Range) of 95dB. The DT9836S is available in two packaging configurations: a BNC connection and an OEM version, with pricing starting at $2,025.

Data Translation DT9836S USB data acquisition module

Data Translation DT9836S Features

  • 800 kHz sampling per input channel offers previously unachievable results
  • Six true 16-bit analog inputs for measuring multiple channels simultaneously
  • Complete synchronous operation of all subsystems at 36 MHz
  • 32 (16 in, 16 out) digital I/O for time stamping, pattern recognition and synchronizing external events
  • Two 32-bit counter timers ideal for testing applications
  • Three quadrature decoders for X/Y positioning and rotation
  • Independent clocks and triggers offer maximum timing flexibility
  • 16-bit deglitched DACs run at 500 kHz per channel for waveform generation
  • OEM version available for embedded solutions
  • 500V galvanic isolation protects PC and maintains signal integrity
  • Includes comprehensive software CD for making measurements quickly and easily

More info: Data Translation