Acrosser ACE-S8700 Gamming Platform

Acrosser rolled out the ACE-S8700 all-in-one gaming platform. The ACE-S8700 integrates a gaming I/O controller with VIA VX800 chipset. The ACE-S8700 features 30 optical isolated digital inputs, 27 high current digital outputs, 256KB SRAM, 5 serial ports, intrusion logger, and software protection. The platform also include a software development kit. The software development kit contains API, device drivers and a demo program to support Windows XP embedded and Linux operation systems.

Acrosser ACE-B8700 Gaming Platform Highlights

  • VIA C7 1.5GHz CPU and VX800 chipset
  • High performance 3D GPU: Chrome9 HC3 with full DirectX 9.0 support
  • 128 bit 2D engine with hardware rotation capability
  • Optional Dual VGA outputs
  • 5 Serial ports support RS-232C/422/485, ccTalk and TTL
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet port
  • Audio: Dual 10W amplified stereo output
  • Compact flash card socket
  • Digital Input: 30 x optical isolated and 7 TTL level input for door switch with intrusion logger
  • Digital Output: 25x 500mA , 2 x 1000mA
  • 4 x 16-bit Timer
  • ProtectU and iButton socket for software security
  • 256KB SRAM with battery low monitoring
  • Password protected real time clock
  • One 8-bit readable DIP switch
  • 8-liner golden finger interface

More info: Acrosser Technology