Emerson COMX-P2020 and COMX-P4080 Single Board Computers

Emerson Network Power announced the COMX-P2020 and COMX-P4080 modular single board computers (SBCs). The COMX-P2020 and COMX-P4080 COM Express modules feature Freescale QorIQ P2020 and P4080 multicore processors. The COMX-P2020 and COMX-P4080 boards support a range of embedded operating systems including RTOS from Green Hills Software, Lynuxworks, Mentor Graphics, QNX, and Wind River.

The Emerson Network Power COMX-P2020 and COMX-4080 computer modules are designed to accelerate deployment across diverse markets by eliminating the chip-level design effort, simplifying the OEM design cycle while reducing the customer’s hardware design time and cost. The COMX-P2020 is ideal for programmable automation controllers, security gateways, civil aeronautics and renewable energy. The COMX-4080 is ideal for storage servers, enterprise routers, enterprise VPN gateways and railway signaling/control equipment.

The COMX-P2020 features two processor cores operating at 1.2 GHz, while the COMX-P4080 has eight cores operating at 1.5 GHz. They offer compact footprints – 95 by 95 millimeters for the COMX-P2020 and 95 by 125 millimeters for the COMX-P4080 – and energy-efficient power usage. A typical use case with the COMX-P2020 requires only 12 W. The modules can support a wide variety of interconnect options and contain special interfaces for maximum design flexibility, including local bus, multiple I2C buses, DUARTs with flow-control, and IEEE 1588 clock signaling.

Development kits, including memory, heat sink and carrier board will be available June 21 through Freescale (Freescale part numbers P2020COME-DS-PB and P4080COME-DS-PB).

More info: Emerson Network Power