Microchip PIC24FJ256DA Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology launched the PIC24FJ256DA microcontroller family. The eight-member MCU family integrates three graphics acceleration units, a display controller, and 96 Kbytes of RAM. All eight members of the PIC24FJ256DA family are available now for sampling and volume production, starting at $4.14 each in 10,000-unit quantities. The PIC24FJ128DA106, PIC24FJ256DA106, PIC24FJ128DA206 and PIC24FJ256DA206 MCUs are available in 64-pin TQFP and QFN packages. The PIC24FJ128DA110, PIC24FJ256DA110, PIC24FJ128DA210 and PIC24FJ256DA210 MCUs are available in 100-pin TQFP and 121-pin BGA packages.

Microchip Technology PIC24FJ256DA microcontroller family

Microchip PIC24FJ256DA Microcontroller Features

  • 3x Graphics Hardware Acceleration Units
  • Color Look-up Table (CLUT) with Maximum of 256 Entries
  • Direct Interface to Monochrome, C-STN, TFT, OLED
  • Resolution up to 640×480 @30Hz, 16 bpp, or 480×272 @60Hz, 16 bpp
  • USB v2.0 On-The-Go (OTG) Compliant
  • Dual Role Capable – can act as either Host or Peripheral
  • Low-Speed (1.5 Mbps) and Full-Speed (12 Mbps)USB Operation in Host mode
  • Full-Speed USB Operation in Device mode
  • Up to 24x, Capacitive touch sensing
  • Up to 24x, 10-Bit, ADC at 500 ksps
  • 3x Analog Comparators with Programmable Input/Output Configuration
  • On-Chip Voltage Regulator of 1.8V
  • Switch between Clock Sources in Real Time
  • Idle, Sleep and Doze modes with Fast Wake-up and Two-Speed Start-up
  • Run Mode: 800 uA/MIPS, 3.3V Typical
  • Sleep mode Current Down to 20 uA, 3.3V Typical
  • Standby Current with 32 kHz Oscillator: 22 uA, 3.3V Typical

The PIC24FJ256DA microcontrollers are ideal for consumer (thermostats, cordless phones, remote controls, gaming accessories); home appliance (coffee makers and other counter-top appliances, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines); industrial (points of sale, remote terminals); and portable medical (glucometers, blood-pressure monitors, portable ECGs) applications.

More info: Microchip Technology PIC24FJ256DA210 MCU Family (pdf)