DarbeeVision DV3000 Visual Presence IP Core

DarbeeVision introduced the DV3000 Visual Presence IP core. The DV3000 inserts depth cues to create images that seem to pop off the screen. The DV3000 improves images by using digital logic to process an image in the same way a human brain does and then adding these results back into the original image, making them better than what the most camera and display systems can produce. The DV3000 IP core is now available for licensing.

DarbeeVision DV3000 Visual Presence IP core

DarbeeVision DV3000 IP Core Features

  • Drops into the existing parallel pixel pipeline
  • Supports any pixel resolution
  • Works with 2D or 3D video
  • Runs at same speed as pixel clock, at any frame rate
  • All intra-frame processing
  • All integer arithmetic uses digital logic, no CPU burden
  • Pipeline processing uses on-chip FIFO RAM, no external memory needed
  • No I/O pins required
  • Serial control, only two commands — Darbee Presence 0 – 100 and Bypass
  • Proprietary image disparity synthesis
  • Patented defocus and subtract using fast 1D integer convolutions
  • Proprietary Perceptor saliency map
  • Modifies per-pixel luminance

More info: DarbeeVision