PMC-Sierra PAS65823A-KIT Pluggable GPON ONT Reference Design

PMC-Sierra introduced the PAS65823A-KIT pluggable GPON Optical Network Terminal (ONT) reference design. The PAS65823A-KIT pluggable ONT reference design enables OEMs and ODMs to easily and cost-effectively connect any customer premises equipment (CPE) using a standard SFP port to a high-speed Passive Optical Network (PON) without any hardware or software redesign. The PAS PAS65823A-KIT pluggable GPON ONT reference design is available now.

PMC-Sierra PAS65823A-KIT pluggable GPON Optical Network Terminal (ONT) reference design

The PAS65823A-KIT pluggable ONT integrates an optical transceiver, an innovative host interface and a complete OMCI stack that is interoperable with all major OLT systems on the market. It can be connected to any SFP receptacle, and does not require any software or hardware modifications to the host system. The reference design has a typical power consumption of 2.5 Watts and is built around the PAS7400 GPON ONT SoC.

The low-power, plug-and-play ONT allows carriers and system vendors to upgrade existing service-oriented home and small/medium business equipment, including gateways, routers and integrated access devices, to full GPON functionality without hardware or software redesign. This eliminates the need for carriers and service providers to deploy new CPE when introducing advanced fibre-based services. The pluggable ONT, which is based on PMC-Sierra’s GPON SoC for mini-ONT applications, is powered by standard interfaces in the host device and does not require a dedicated power supply.

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