Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems Webinar

VDC Research is offering a webinar titled, A Market Update on Embedded / Real-Time Operating Systems. The webcast will take place at 1pm (EST) on June 16, 2010. The online seminar will present data from VDC Research’s 2010 study on embedded real-time operating systems. the speaker of the webinar is Steve Balacco, VDC Research Director of Embedded Software and Tools.

Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems Topics

  • Consolidation in the embedded and real-time operating system market
  • Migration to commercial and open source operating systems
  • Multicore processors and embedded software considerations
  • Virtualization in embedded systems
  • Embedded engineering trends

VDC Research Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems Webinar

Years ago it was easy to identify an operating system vendor as a discrete type of supplier within the embedded software market. However, today’s embedded operating system suppliers have evolved to offer broader, more complete integrated solutions across the development, deployment and management life-cycle for embedded devices/systems. These changes are being driven by embedded systems companies, expanding software requirements, more complex hardware components, persistent competition among software providers and the availability and adoption of open source software.

Last year, the industry was affected by the global recession and consolidation as semiconductor providers Intel and Cavium acquired leading vendors Wind River and MontaVista Software, respectively. With these acquisitions, comes the perception of opportunity for vendors to capture additional market share based on any uncertainty within the embedded system manufacturer community for long-term support. While the implications of these acquisitions will take some time to shake out, the consequences, if any, are expected to become more apparent as new products, initiatives and partner relationships are announced through 2010 and beyond.

More information: A Market Update on Embedded/Real-Time Operating Systems