Microchip mTouch Projected Capacitive Touch-Screen Sensing Technology

Microchip Technology launched the mTouch Projected Capacitive Development Kit and the PIC16F707 8-bit microcontroller (MCU). The PIC16F707 features two 16-channel Capacitive Sensing Modules (CSMs) that can run in parallel for increased sampling speed. The microcontroller is priced at $0.99 each in volume. The mTouch kit enables designers to integrate projected capacitive touch-sensing functionality into applications with a single MCU. The mTouch projected-capacitive touch-screen sensing kit and PIC16F707 MCU are available now.

Microchip Technology mTouch Projected Capacitive Touch-Screen Sensing Technology

PIC16F707 Microcontroller
In addition to two CSMs, the low-power PIC16F707 8-bit MCU has a wide operating voltage range of 1.8 – 5.5V, with a typical projected-capacitive sensor application operating current of approximately 1.5 mA at 5V. A 40-pin, 5 mm x 5 mm micro QFN (µQFN) package option is expected to be available in Calendar Q3 2010. The MCU is available now, in 44-pin, 8 mm x 8 mm QFN and TQFP packages, for $0.99 each in volume. Samples of the MCU in the QFN and TQFP packages can be ordered now.

mTouch Projected Capacitive Development Kit
The mTouch Projected Capacitive Development Kit (part # DM160211, $119.99) includes a 3.5″ sensor mounted on a sensor board, a projected-capacitive board with the PIC16F707 MCU and fully functional firmware. The kit enables users to connect sensors to up to 24 channels, without modifying the firmware. The open source code supports sensors with up to 32 channels, and the kit includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool that enables customers to easily adjust key parameters that are important to their design. The kit can be purchased today.

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