Evatronix R80251XC 32-bit Intel 80C251 Microcontroller IP Core

Evatronix introduced the R80251XC 32-bit Intel 80C251 compatible microcontroller. The 8051 compatible IP core exceeds the original Intel 8051 chip by more than 24 times (over 3 times better result than the Intel 80C251 at the same clock frequency). The Evatronix R80251XC IP core is available for licensing now. The core includes synthesis and simulation support scripts Verilog or VHDL test bench, and a reference design for the proprietary evaluation board.

Evatronix R80251XC Intel 80C251 Microcontroller IP Core Overview

  • External memory interface that addresses up to 16 MB of program and data memory
  • Power management unit with power-down modes (IDLE/STOP)
  • Native On-Chip Debug Support (OCDS) interface
  • Highest performing 8051-compatible microcontroller IP on the market
  • Extensive configurability options
  • Alternate port functions are separated, providing extra port pins
  • KEIL-compatible, complete application debugging environment

The eXtreme Configurability (XC) feature of the R80251XC enables SoC designers to optimize the IP core for their specific application by choosing a custom or predefined set of dedicated 80251 peripherals, which include multiple UARTs, I2C interfaces, Timers, and Serial Ports as well as single SPI, Watchdog, Software Reset and Real Time Clock modules.

Depending on the desired level of performance customers may choose between two 80251 CPU versions – the standard Intel 80C251 timing compatible version and the accelerated implementation with internal instruction execution timings reduced 4 times, and thus being 4 times faster than its counterpart.

For efficient application development, the 80251XC is supported by the Evatronix Application-debugging Support Environment for 8051 series microcontrollers (EASE-8051). The solution comprises of the On Chip Debug Support module implemented inside the R80251XC, the KEIL µVision4 IDE compatible software interface for the PC and a hardware Evatronix Debug Pod that transmits data between the debugger and the debug target. The EASE-8051 solution is available as a delivery option.

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