Atmel maXTouch for Large Screens

Atmel introduced their maXTouch touchscreen controllers for enabling capacitive touch functionality on large format touchscreens. Atmel’s maXTouch solutions support large touchscreens up to 15 inches. maXTouch is ideal for products like touch-enabled tablets, smartbooks, mobile Internet devices (MIDs), Netbooks, PC notebooks, and a range of industrial applications.

Atmel maXTouch Big Screen Highlights

  • True multi-touch capability with support for up to 16 fingers
  • Fastest response times in the industry
  • Rejection of unintended touches
  • Stretch/pinch and rotate gestures
  • Stylus support
  • Industry-leading accuracy, linearity, and signal-to-noise
  • Unlimited touches and rejection of unintended touches
  • Handwriting and shape recognition (including face detection on mobile phones)
  • Grip suppression and palm rejection on MIDs and Netbook screens
  • Enables longer battery life for portable devices

More info: Atmel