Echotek Series RFM-1802, DCM-V6-XMC, DCM-V5-VXS for Electronic Warfare

Mercury Computer Systems introduced Echotek Series RFM-1802RF with Synthesizer ADV-1800S Dual-Channel Wideband Microwave Tuner, DCM-V6-XMC Digital Transceiver, and DCM-V5-VXS Virtex-5 Based FPGA Digital Receiver for Electronic Warfare (EW) applications. The new Echotek Series products integrate open-standards technology across the signal processing chain to enhance EW capabilities for the warfighter.

Mercury RFM-1802 6U VME Module Features

  • Patented direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology uncouples tuning speed and phase noise
  • RFM-1802RF tuner and ADV-1800S synthesizer modules tunable over range of 0.5 GHz to 18.0 GHz
  • Internal local oscillator (LO) distribution system
  • Allows external control commands via RS-232, VME bus, or fiber optics
  • Dedicated control bus between synthesizer and tuner(s) allows one external point of control
  • Three modes of operation: conventional CW, scan, or sequence

Mercury DCM-V6-XMC Digital Transceiver Features

  • Four analog IF inputs and, optionally, one analog IF output via MMCX connectors on front panel
  • Two dual-channel National Semiconductor ADC16DV160CILQ A/D converters at rates of up to 160 MSPS with 16-bit resolution
  • Optional single-channel Texas Instruments DAC5682Z D/A converter supports 16-bit signals at up to 1 GHz
  • Virtex-6 LX240T has 241,152 logic cells, 37,680 slices, and 768 DSP blocks in an 1156 pin-package FPGA
  • 512 MB of DDR3 SDRAM and 9 MB of QDR2 SRAM
  • EchoCore firmware available

Mercury DCM-V5-VXS Digital Receiver Features

  • Three Xilinx Virtex-5 SX240T or LX330T FPGAs for processing and I/O interfacing
  • High-speed VXS or RACE++ interface on backplane
  • Two QSFP fiber interfaces
  • DDR2 SDRAM and QDR2 SRAM memory
  • SecureConfig with options to load FPGA images to either non-volatile flash or DDR2 SDRAM (volatile)

More info: Mercury Computer Systems Echotek Series