Conemtech M50-34 Packet Network Synchronization Module

Conemtech introduced the M50-34 module for high accuracy time and frequency synchronization. The M50-34 enables any device with an Ethernet interface to synchronize to a PTP master clock in the network at 100ns accuracy by just re-wiring the Ethernet interface. The M50-34 reduces the components count, simplifies the layout and lowers the board manufacturing cost for products requiring external packet based synchronization. The M50-34 will be sampling by end of this month.

Conemtech M50-34 Packet Network Synchronization Module - IEEE 1588

Conemtech M50-34 Packet Network Sync Module Features

  • Multi time source synchronization
  • Grandmaster side and slave side modes
  • Full IEEE 1588-2008 ordinary clock implementation
  • Configurable Loop control for complex multi-hop and congested networks
  • Based on the Conemtech processor with hardware timestamping
  • Generic 1PPS +ToD time source interface
  • Dual Ethernet interfaces
  • Contains the full network interface up to transformer
  • Configurable oscillator interface for extended holdover
  • Surface Mounted LCC device on a less than 30×30 mm board space
  • Max 630 mW power consumption
  • RoHS compliant

More info: Conemtech