Avalue EMX-780E Mini-ITX Motherboard for Embedded Systems

Avalue Technology rolled out the EMX-780E Mini-ITX motherboard for embedded systems. The EMX-780E features AMD RS780E+SB710 chipsets, which consume only 7 to 15 Watts of power. The motherboard supports single core, dual-core and quad-core processors, including the latest low power AM3 processors — such as Phenom II XLT Q54L (65W) and Athlon II XL V66C (45W), V64L (45W), V50L (25W). The Avalue EMX-780E is ideal for home automation, gaming, and medical applications.

Avalue Technology EMX-780E Mini-ITX motherboard for embedded systems

Avalue EMX-780E Mini-ITX Motherboard Features

  • AM2/AM2+/AM3 Socket Support 65W Athlon/ Athlon X2/Quad-Core AMD Phenom II Processors
  • AMD RS780E/ SB710 Chipset
  • Two SODIMMs Up to 4GB DDR2 800 SDRAM
  • Dual View, 2-CH LVDS, HDMI
  • ALC888 Supports 5.1-CH Audio
  • Dual Realtek RTL8111D Gigabit Ethernet
  • CF, 1 PCIex16, 1 Mini PCIe
  • 2 SATA, 8 USB 2.0, 4 COM, 8-bit GPIO, keyboard and mouse ports
  • AMD M72 PCIEx16 3D graphics card
  • Support CRT+HDMI+DVI, four individual displays configurations
  • IGP ATI Radeon HD3200 display controller
  • Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in, and CD-in

More information: Avalue Technology