Freescale Semiconductor MSC825x Digital Signal Processors

Freescale Semiconductor launched the MSC825x family of programmable digital signal processors (DSPs). Prices start at a suggested resale price of $75 (USD) in quantities of 1,000. Samples are planned for this quarter and production is planned for the third quarter. The MSC825x DSPs are ideal for medical, aerospace, defense, test, and measurement applications.

Freescale Semiconductor MSC825x family of programmable digital signal processors (DSPs)Freescale MSC825x DSP Family

  • Consists of four pin-compatible, fully programmable, single-, dual-, four- and six-core DSPs
  • Based on the Freescale SC3850 StarCore DSP core
  • Offers more performance and functionality at half the cost of comparable alternative technologies
  • Multiple DDR controllers
  • Two Serial RapidIO interfaces
  • PCI Express interface
  • Pin and peripheral compatibility with Freescale’s MSC815x family
  • Can interconnect multiple DSP processors without the need for Layer 2 switching
  • Increased throughput and reduced software complexity

The MSC8256 device is based on six SC3850 StarCore DSP cores running at 1 GHz on a single die delivering 6 GHz of raw DSP performance, or 48 GMACs (Giga Multiply and Accumulate) per second of DSP core performance. This is a 2X increase in performance in comparison to the nearest competing solution. Memory support includes two 64-bit DDR3 running at 800 MHz to enable fast system throughput for multicore DSPs. The MSC8256 DSP features 2x Serial RapidIO (4 lane) and PCI Express x4 interfaces.

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