Express Logic ThreadX/SMP RTOS

Express Logic introduced ThreadX/SMP RTOS for the MIPS32 1004K Coherent Processing System (CPS). ThreadX/SMP is an enhanced version of ThreadX. It provides synchronous multicore support that preserves real-time responsiveness called Real-Time SMP. ThreadX/SMP enables developers to take advantage of the performance boost of sharing the processing load over the multiple processor cores of the 1004K CPS while maintaining the real-time responsiveness critical to demanding embedded applications. ThreadX/SMP is available in full source code form, royalty-free, with project license prices starting at $15,500.

Express Logic ThreadX/SMP RTOS Overview

  • Incremental processing resources
  • Automatic load-balancing across all cores
  • Ease of application programming
  • Use of same code for single and multicore versions
  • Increased performance without increased programming complexity
  • Based on Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS
  • 10KB footprint and sub-microsecond interrupt response and context switch
  • Ideal RTOS for demanding real-time applications where high-efficiency and high-performance are needed
  • Enables multicore applications to be developed without needing to know the details of the 1004K architecture
  • Efficiently allocates and manages hardware resources to maximize application thread efficiency
  • Transparently maps application threads to individual cores within the 1004K CPS
  • Low overhead produces an efficient thread-to-core allocation and assignment

More info: Express Logic