Texas Instruments CC430F513x and CC430F61xx Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the CC430F513x microcontrollers (MCUs). The CC430F513x microcontrollers combine the MSP430 MCU with the sub-1GHz CC1101 RF transceiver. The CC430F513x devices offer up to 20 MIPS performance and support security options such as an integrated AES hardware module. TI also announced the CC430F61xx series of LCD devices. Production quantities of the CC430F513x MCUs are available for $4.15 (1K units). The CC430F61xx family with integrated LCD will be sampling in May with prices starting at $4.35 (1 K units).

Texas Instruments (TI) CC430F513x microcontrollers (MCUs)

TI CC430F513x Microcontrollers Overview

  • Eight devices offer non-LCD (CC430F513x) and LCD (CC430F61xx) options
  • A range of pin count, memory and high-performance analog integration/li>
  • Supports multiple protocols and a broad frequency range
  • For LCD-based applications, the CC430F61xx MCU with integrated LCD capabilities reduces system cost and size
  • Ultra-low power MSP430 MCU core and sub-1GHz CC1101 RF transceiver are combined on one chip
  • Package and printed circuit board (PCB) size reduced by up to 50% compared to two-chip solutions
  • Devices draw low enough current to enable battery-operated wireless networking applications that operate without servicing for several years, reducing maintenance costs and overall BOM
  • eZ430-Chronos and EM430F6137RF900 are complete wireless development kits that provide all the hardware and software support necessary to instantly develop and deploy projects
  • Makes RF design easy and drives fast time to-market via comprehensive tools and ecosystem
  • Enables smarter, low-power RF applications with more flexibility via the latest MSP430 MCU and leading low-power RF IC
  • ETSI/FCC compliant reference designs
  • Ideal for home and building automation, smart metering, energy harvesting, asset tracking and portable medical applications

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