eSOL for Android

eSOL for Android is a solution for embedded systems development using the Android open source platform from the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). eSOL for Android consists of eSOL Adaptor for Android (enables Android to run on non-Linux OSes) and eSOL Professional Services for Android (technical services for Android-based software development).

eSOL Adaptor for Android
eT-Kernel Adaptor for Android permits replacement of a Linux kernel with the eSOL eT-Kernel OS, a high-performance, highly reliable POSIX- and TRON-conformant OS. eT-Kernel Adaptor for Android is now under development and is expected to be release in the second quarter of this year. eT-Kernel Adaptor for Android is the first in a series of eSOL Adaptor for Android products.

eT-Kernel Adaptor for Android Benefits

  • Real-time performance provided by eSOL eT-Kernel over Linux
  • Android applications that can be mixed with reliable and real-time applications for POSIX/ ?ITRON and eSOL eT-Kernel
  • eSOL eT-Kernel Multi-Core Edition Memory Partitioning, a system protection function for multi-core systems prevents the corruption of memory between the kernel and different applications and ensures the reliability of complex multi-core systems by separating real-time POSIX/TRON sub-systems from Android sub-systems
  • A fully compatible Android application framework layer that permits the Android SDK to be used as usual
  • The eSOL eT-Kernel/POSIX profile of the multi-profiled eSOL eT-Kernel series, which is highly compatible with Linux, and enables reuse of many Linux-based software assets

eSOL Professional Services for Android
eSOL Professional Services for Android will offer various optimization services based on the knowledge acquired through the development of eSOL Adaptor for Android. eSOL Professional Services for Android is not only available for eSOL eT-Kernel-based Android systems, but also for a variety of different OSes, including Linux. Optimization services offered include system-level Android components such as Low Memory Killer, binder, libraries, HAL, and Android runtime customization, plus porting of eSOL Adaptor for Android and BSP development.

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