TI TPS92010 Offline LED Lighting Driver Controller Evaluation Module

The TPS92010 LED-lamp Reference Board is a LED lighting driver reference board developed by Texas Instruments (TI) and Lemnis Lighting. The board can help speed adoption of energy-saving retrofit LED light bulbs. The TPS92010 LED-lamp Reference Board will be available in mid-second quarter and is priced at $49.95. It includes a user’s guide that contains the schematics, bill of materials, and test results needed to design a dimmable LED lamp.

TPS92010 LED Lighting Driver Controller Evaluation Module Features

  • Based on the TI TPS92010 LED lighting controller
  • TRIAC compatible dimming
  • Low cost line powered LED driver solution
  • Includes 5 HB-LED’s as a sample load
  • Allows easy use of user own LED load
  • Test points for LED voltage and current
  • Accurate current sensing to maintain constant current to LED’s
  • Modifiable output current from 0.2A to 0.7A, 0.325A is default
  • Seamless, high-performance dimming interface to TRIAC (triode for alternating current) based wall dimmers
  • TRIAC dimming interface circuit maintains high efficiency even during deep dimming (60% efficient at 10% LED current)
  • Reference board is an isolated driver with low EMI to simplify safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance

The TPS92010 offline LED lighting controller implements quasi-resonant flyback power converters to achieve high efficiency of up to 87%, small size and lower cost for AC/DC LED lighting drivers. The TPS92010′s control technique enables designers to develop replacement light bulbs in tight, small form factors, and helps reduce overall system cost. The device’s system-level features, such as overvoltage detection and shutdown, prevent system damage caused by an open LED string. Its over-temperature shutdown feature protects against excessive heat in the system. The TPS92010 offline LED lighting controller is available now in an 8-pin SOIC package and is priced at $0.43 in quantities of 1,000.

More info: Texas Instruments | Lemnis Lighting