Sarnoff Acadia II Vision Processor for Embedded Systems

The Acadia Vision Processor II, from Sarnoff, is a system-on-a-chip (SoC) with real-time, portable, and low power consumption for embedded systems, vision processing, and control. Acadia II features an integrated ARM11 MPCore, small form factor, and low power. The SoC performs real-time contrast enhancement, stabilization, multi-sensor fusion, and tracking. Acadia II is ideal for portable and wearable vision systems, security and surveillance platforms, manned and unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, border and perimeter protection, and vision-aided GPS-denied navigation.

Sarnoff Acadia II Vision Processor for embedded systems, vision processing, and control

Sarnoff Acadia II System-on-a-Chip Highlights

  • Stabilization for multiple motion models
  • Moving target indication and tracking
  • Contrast enhancement with noise reduction
  • Video mosaics
  • HD inputs (1080i compatible)
  • Four bi-cubic image warpers
  • Video overlay engine
  • Three channel, pattern-selective adaptive fusion for night vision
  • Real-time, low latency processing including contrast enhancement
  • Full color, full resolution processing up to 720P and 1080i
  • Robust stabilization and object/target tracking applications
  • 1280×1024 RGB video output with on-screen display processor
  • Four ARM 11 300MHz floating-point processors
  • Functions as a CPU for the entire system by providing users the ability to port customized processing and system interfaces

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