78 New NEC V850ES/Jx3 32-bit Flash Microcontrollers

NEC Electronics America introduced 78 new members to their V850ES/Jx3 family of 32-bit All Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) for embedded systems. The new V850ES/Jx3 MCUs are ideal for industrial applications, such as electricity meters and Ethernet systems; and compact, handheld, battery-driven systems with USB 2.0 connectivity such as PC peripherals and healthcare equipment, including blood glucose meters. Mass production of the initial products is scheduled to begin in June 2010, and additional devices will be introduced throughout 2010.

Features of the New V850ES/Jx3 Microcontrollers

  • Operates at 20 megahertz (MHz)
  • MCUs deliver 38 DMIPS of performance
  • Requires only 0.9 milliwatts per million instructions per second (mW/MIPS)
  • 60% reduction over the other V850/Jx3 family members that require 1.7 mW/MIPS
  • Power consumption is 0.7µA in standby mode with the real-time counter (RTC) operating
  • Longer life for battery-driven systems
  • Flash memory sizes up to 512 kilobytes (KB)
  • RTC with independent power supply pins
  • Increased number of serial interfaces
  • Optional on-chip USB 2.0 controllers
  • Lower pin-count package options such as the 40-pin quad flat no leads (QFN) measuring 6 millimeters (mm) x 6 mm x 0.75 mm
  • BGA package options range from 64 pins (5 mm x 5 mm) to 113 pins (8 mm x 8 mm)
  • Quad flat package (QFP) options are also available and range from 64 to 144 pins

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