WIN Enterprises PL-80210 Embedded System

WIN Enterprises introduced the PL-80210 embedded system. The PL-80210 box computer features an AMD AM2+ processor socket that accommodates the AMD Phenom/Athlon and X2/Athlon processors. Pricing for the PL-80210 embedded system starts at $571 without CPU in OEM quantities. Evaluation units are available now. The Win PL-80210 is ideal for amusement and arcade games, electronic roulette, and video slot machines.

WIN Enterprises PL-80210 embedded system for gaming

WIN Enterprises PL-80210 Embedded System Features

  • High End 3D Gaming System
  • Suppors AMD Quad-Core processors
  • Dual PCI-E x16 high-end graphics cards
  • Supports ATI CrossFire and Hybrid CrossFire and up to 6 display outputs
  • Supports Windows XPe and the popular Linux operating systems
  • System security through TPM 1.2, FPGA, Boot ROM
  • Intrusions are logged even when unit is unplugged
  • Provides Gaming API and Sample Code for Windows XPe and Linux
  • All Inputs support hardware de-bouncing, interrupt, and counting
  • 24 x Photo Coupler Protected Inputs, 32 x High Current Sink and outputs 6x door inputs
  • Onboard 2nd RTC, Battery Backup SRAM, and NANDrive

More info: WIN Enterprises