Dialog Semiconductor DA9057 System Level Power Management IC

Dialog Semiconductor introduced the DA9057 system level power management IC. The DA9057 is a highly integrated power management, audio and user interface controller for multimedia players, portable navigation systems and other handheld devices. The DA9057 features five on-board dc/dc converters that support 24-bit stereo audio headphone playback on a 5mW power budget. The DA9057 combines a flexible power sequencer with a fully programmable filter/mixer engine to support a wide variety of ARM-based multimedia processors.

Engineering samples of the DA9057 are available now in a 7x7mm BGA 169 package. Engineering samples of the DA7201 will be available from April in a wafer level CSP 9 package. Volume production delivery for both devices will begin in Q4 of 2010.

Dialog Semiconductor DA9057 system level power management IC

Dialog Semiconductor DA9057 Features

  • Switched DC/USB Charger with power path management
  • 4 Buck Converters (3 with DVS) 0.5V-3.6V up to 1 Amp
  • 10 Programmable LDO’s High PSRR, 1% accuracy
  • Low power Backup Charger 1.1-3.1V up to 6 mA
  • 32kHz RTC Oscillator
  • 10 channel general Purpose ADC with touch screen interface
  • High voltage White LED driver 24V/ 50mA Boost, 3 strings
  • 16 bit GPIO bus for enhanced wakeup and peripheral control
  • Dual serial control interfaces
  • Unique USB supply detection and charge current selection
  • Unique ID code capability with OTP memory
  • True-GND capless Class G 40mW headphone driver with integrated charge pump
  • Direct Battery connection with 5mW playback power consumption into stereo headphones
  • Flexible clocking capability to minimise master clock circuit board routing
  • Fully differential mono voice channel
  • Pop and Click suppression circuitry
  • Multi mode audio routers and mixers and volume control
  • Linux and WinCE software drivers available

More info: Dialog Semiconductor