GE NPN240 OpenVPX Multi-Processor for Embedded Systems

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the 6U OpenVPX NPN240 multi-processor for embedded systems. The rugged GPGPU (general purpose computing on a graphics processing unit) features two NVIDIA CUDA-capable GT240 96-core GPUs. Depending on the application, up to 750 GFLOPS peak per card slot is possible. Multiple NPN240s can be linked to single or multiple hosts to create multi-node CUDA GPU clusters capable of thousands of GFLOPS. Supported software includes Linux, Windows, Microsoft DirectX, OpenCL, OpenGL, MATLAB, PureVideo and PhysX.

GE Intelligent Platforms 6U OpenVPX NPN240 multi-processor

GE Intelligent Platforms OpenVPX NPN240 Multi-Processor Overview

  • OpenVPX
    6U Rugged VITA46/VITA48 REDI
  • GPU
    Two NVIDIA GT240 96 core GPUs
    1 Gigabyte DDR3 SDRAM per GPU
  • Expansion Plane
    PCIe gen 2
  • Performance
    750 GFLOPS @ 80 watts
  • Software
    AXISLib-VSIPL Math and DSP Libraries
    NVIDIA PureVideo Technology
    NVIDIA PhysX
    Microsoft DirectX (Compute)

The rugged NPN240 is ideal for demanding applications that are constrained in terms of size, weight and power. The NPN240 can be deployed parallel processing applications like radar, sonar, and signal and sensor processing. Typical applications include stream processing of high resolution images for deployed airborne surveillance. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the GE Intelligent Platforms IPN250 or SBC620, or any other OpenVPX-compatible host single board computer. The IPN250 combines a single GT240 96-core CUDA GPU with an Intel Core 2 Duo host processor operating at 2.26GHz and 8 GBytes of DDR3 SDRAM to deliver up to 390 GFLOPS of performance per card slot.

More info: GE GPGPU: Massively Parallel Computing