TI DMVA1 Video Security Camera SoC with Vision Co-processor

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announced the DMVA1 SoC. With DMVA1, engineers can deploy smart analytics functions such as people counting, trip zone, intelligent motion detection, camera tamper detection and streaming metadata. By coupling the vision co-processor with smart analytics all on a single chip, designers can reduce the cost of video analytics-enabled IP cameras by an order of magnitude. The DMVA1 video security camera SoC will begin sampling in the second quarter to early adopter video security customers.

TI DMVA1 Video Security Camera SoC Highlights

  • Vision co-processor enables TI’s smart analytics including people counting, trip zone, intelligent motion detection, camera tamper detection and streaming metadata
  • Designers can also achieve advanced analytics capabilities by leveraging TI’s TMS320DM643x DaVinci video platform using hardware and software video analytics solutions from TI developer network members
  • Includes a 300 MHz ARM926EJ-S core
  • Provides support for H.264 in high, main or base profile D1 at 30 frames per second or 720p at reduced frame rates
  • Video co-processor provides multi-codec support (H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG)
  • ISP solution eliminates the need for designers to create custom algorithms in-house or purchase expensive optics to achieve high-quality images
  • Provides video stabilization, face detection, noise filtering, auto white balance, auto focus, auto exposure and edge enhancement
  • Complete reference design with advanced graphical user interface (GUI) for simplified design implementations and accelerated time-to-market
  • DMVA1 is pin-to-pin and software compatible with TI’s successful DM36x DaVinci-based platform, thus protecting customer investments

Texas Instruments DMVA1 IP Camera Reference Design

  • Price: $795
  • Description: Single platform solution provides H.264 D1 30fps + H.264 CIF 30fps + Smart Analytics
  • Processor: DMVA1 DaVinci video processor includes ARM926, Vision co-processor, H.264 video coprocessor, EMAC, RTC and integrated voice codec for BOM savings
  • Sensor: Aptina 5-MP sensor CMOS imager optimized for low-light performance
  • Source Code: Complete Linux-based IP camera application including free source code
  • Video codecs: Encode up to H.264 high profile. Level 3.1 D1 at 30 fps or 720p at 10 fps including MPEG-4 and MJPEG support
  • Video analytics: Includes camera tamper detection, intelligent motion detection, trip zone, people counting and streaming metadata

More info: Texas Instruments