Sans Digital EliteRAID ER104I+B and ER208I+B Rackmounts

Sans Digital rolled out the EliteRAID ER104I+B and ER208I+B dual channel iSCSI storage solutions. The EliteRAID ER104I+B and ER208I+B are 1U 4-bay and 2U 8-bay rackmounts. They feature iSCSI hardware, RAID engines, up to 100MB/s per channel (over 190MB/s per dual channels), and up to RAID level 6 or 60 for data protection. The ER104I+B and ER208I+B retail at $1099 and $1599 respectively.

Sans Digital EliteRAID ER104I+B and ER208I+B SATA to iSCSI 2x GbE RAID 60 Rackmount<

Sans Digital EliteRAID ER104I+B and ER208I+B Rackmounts Features

  • Intel IOP 80331 64bit processor with 512MB memory, upgradeable to 1GB
  • 1U 4 Bay for ER104I+B
  • 2U 8 Bay for ER208I+B
  • Support iSCSI Multiple Channel per Session (MC/S)
  • Support Microsoft MPIO
  • Support iSCSI Jumbo Frame
  • SCSI-3 persistent target supported
  • Support Windows Server 2008 clustering
  • Supports RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60, JBOD
  • Local N-way mirror supported
  • Support Global and dedicated hot spare disks
  • Online volume expansion and migration
  • UPS management supported via serial port
  • HTTP Web GUI, SSH telnet and serial management interface
  • Event notification via E-mail, SNMP trap, browser pop up windows, Syslog and Windows Messenger
  • iSNS supported
  • Up to 190MB/s read/write performance
  • Optional battery backup module

More info: Sans Digital