Signatec DR2800 Data Acquisition and Playback System

Signatec introduced the DR2800 signal recording system platform. It can record data directly to a high-speed RAID system at a sustained rate of 2.8 GB/s. The Signatec DR2800 is ideal for the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Wideband Flight Recorder, and advanced Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) industries. The DR2800 combines two or more of Signatec’s PCI Express (PCIe)-based high speed analog signal digitizers. Signatec is now taking orders for DR2800 record and playback system with a shipping forecast of 6 weeks.

Signatec DR2800 signal recording system

Signatec DR2800 Record and Playback System Features

  • Can continuously record 2800 MB/s of 8-bit or 14-bit data for the entire 6 to 96 TB RAID volume with no breaks in the signal record
  • Delivers standard Windows and Linux file systems, depending on the chosen Operating System (OS)
  • Custom programming development options are available to ensure the DR2800 is a highly flexible platform for any high-speed signal recording application
  • Comes standard with Signatec’s free signal record and signal playback software
  • Tools for creating custom record/playback software applications
  • Based on a workstation class computer with up to two quad core Xeon processors for embedded custom data processing
  • Ports for Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, serial, parallel, keyboard, mouse, and video out
  • Available in either a single 9U 19″ rackmount chassis or with a 5U 19″ rackmount plus two additional external 2U 19″ rackmount RAID chassis (9U total)
  • Can be constructed with a single 4U chassis

Signatec’s SYNC1500-6 is a PCIe x1 card module that plugs directly inside the DR2800. The SYNC1500-6 card offers a clock and trigger input that in turn drives six synchronized 3-channel outputs consisting of a clock, trigger and ADC/DAC synchronization signal. Signatec’s SYNC1500-6 enables users to span multiple record/playback system chassis and create very high channel count, very high bandwidth applications for synchronized signal record and signal playback based applications. Signatec’s SYNC1500-6 can also synchronize six DR2800 waveform generation systems for up to 16.8 GB/s of sustained playback. Further options exist to combine both record and playback modules into DR2800 systems.

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