ACCES I/O USB-AO USB Data Acquisition and Control I/O Modules

ACCES I/O Products introduced the USB-AO Series of small form factor USB-based data acquisition and control I/O modules. The USB-AO multifunction board features high speed USB 2.0, 16 channels of 16-bit resolution analog outputs, two 16-bit analog inputs, 16 digital I/O lines, and a small, rugged, industrial enclosure. This module can be used in any PC or embedded system with a USB port. It is an ideal for embedded system and test designers. The first model, USB-AO16-16A, can be used in USB-based embedded applications that require stable and accurate output signals. The USB-AO Series includes 10 models with list prices ranging from $299 to $699.

ACCES I/O USB-AO16-16A small form factor USB-based data acquisition and control I/O module

ACCES I/O USB-AO USB Multifunction USB Analog Output Modules Features

  • 4, 8, or 16 analog outputs with 12 or 16-bit resolution
  • High-speed USB 2.0 device, USB 1.1 compatible
  • Unipolar and bipolar output ranges of 0-10V, ±5V
  • Real-time hardware calibration per channel
  • Update outputs individually or simultaneously at speeds up to 4kHz
  • Two 16-bit analog inputs and 16 lines of digital I/O
  • All digital I/O lines buffered with 10mA source, 24mA sink current capabilities
  • USB/104 form-factor for OEM embedded applications
  • OEM version (board only) features PC/104 module size and mounting compatibility
  • Alternate micro-fit embedded USB header connector
  • Type B USB connector features industrial strength and high-retention design
  • Extended operating temperature and DIN rail mounting provisions
  • Small, rugged, steel industrial enclosure (4″ x 4″ x 1.25″)
  • Eight or four channel versions available
  • Resettable 0.5A fused +5V available to the user
  • Connections made via industry-standard 37-pin D-Sub connectors
  • Custom high-speed function driver (non-HID)
  • Labview VI driver

More info: ACCES I/O Products