Texas Instruments MSP430 Microcontroller Value Line

Texas Instruments introduced the MSP430 microcontroller (MCU) Value Line that offers 16-bit MCU performance and ultra-low power consumption at ultra-low 8-bit MCU prices. The new MSP430G2xx MCUs are code compatible across the MSP430 MCU platform, enabling easy code migration and upgrades to higher-end devices as application requirements evolve. The MSP430G2xx microcontrollers are priced from $0.25 for 100K units. Samples can be ordered now. The roadmap includes over 100 devices to be released during the next 15 months.

Texas Instruments (TI) MSP430G2xx Microcontroller (MCU) Value LineTI MSP430 Microcontroller Value Line Features

  • Up to 10X performance, including true 16 MIPS operation, and 50 percent greater code density, driving increased headroom for functionality over low cost 8-bit MCU solutions
  • Five power modes with ultra-low standby power of 0.4 microamps and <1 microseconds wake-up time enable 10X battery life over 8-bit solutions
  • Integrated intelligent peripherals, such as 10-bit ADCs, UART, comparator and serial communication, offload CPU tasks for increased power efficiency
  • First 27 MSP430G2xx devices are immediately available to order and include up to 2KB Flash and 128B RAM and future devices will include up to 16KB Flash and 512B RAM
  • $20 tools and integrated development environments feature full compatibility across MSP430 platform
  • Value Line roadmap offers MCUs with integrated capacitive sense optimized I/Os to enable very low cost touch pad implementations
  • ADC10 with DTC
  • Serial Communications (SPI, I2C, UART)
  • Comparator
  • Capacitive touch I/O
  • Package options include: 14-pin TSSOP, 14-pin PDIP, 16-pin QFN, 20-pin TSSOP, 20-pin PDIP, 32-pin QFN
  • 8MHz – 25MHz CPU speed
  • 16-bit Sigma Delta ADCs 12-bit DACs, 32×32 Multipliers, Op Amps, LCD Drivers, DMAs, and other high-performance peripherals are available

More information: Texas Instruments