ADLINK PACwiz-MXC and PACwiz-DPAC Programmable Automation Controllers

ADLINK Technology introduced the PACwiz programmable automation controller (PAC) solutions for automation applications using the IEC 61131-3 programming standard. With PACwiz, PLC users are able to easily upgrade to a PAC platform without further training as application development can be done in IEC 61131-3 languages, just as with traditional PLCs. PACwiz systems are available now starting at a single-unit list price of $999 for the PACwiz-MXC and $1149 for the PACwiz-DPAC.

ADLINK PACwiz-MXC and PACwiz-DPAC programmable automation controllers

There are two systems in the PACwiz series: open (PACwiz-MXC) and closed (PACwiz-DPAC). The open PACwiz-MXC system is designed using ADLINK’s fanless expandable platform (via PCI and PCIe slots) and is powered by an Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz processor. The PACwiz-MXC is designed to operate as an I/O controller integrated with I/O and/or distributed motion modules (HSL and Motionnet modules) while providing the flexibility to add other modules, such as a frame grabber.

The closed PACwiz-DPAC embedded system is designed using ADLINK’s compact and fanless distributed PAC with built-in distributed motion and I/O control solutions using Motionnet and HSL buses.

PACwiz provides automation application developers a platform offering the performance and convenience of PAC development, with full compatibility with IEC 61131-3 syntaxes, including the five programmable logic controller (PLC) programming language standards.

ADLINK’s PACwiz features distributed motion control of up to 256 axes and distributed I/O of up to 2016 points, which are time-deterministic. This not only allows configuration of the entire motion profile and I/O topology based on application requirements, but also allows for flexible wiring configurations which simplify and reduce wiring costs between modules by 20% through the use of standard Ethernet cables.

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