Texas Instruments Multicore System-on-a-Chips

Texas Instruments developed a new System-on-a-Chip (SoC) architecture based on their multicore digital signal processors (DSPs) with integrated fixed and floating point capabilities. TI’s new multicore SoCs run at up to 1.2GHz and features an engine with up to 256 GMACS and 128 GFLOPS. The multicore SoCs offer over five times the performance of existing solutions in the market and offer vendors a common platform to accelerate the development of infrastructure products such as wireless base stations, media gateways and video infrastructure equipment.

Products from the new multicore portfolio will begin sampling in the second half of 2010.

Texas Instruments Multicore System-on-a-Chip Highlights

  • Multiple high-performance DSPs operating at up to 1.2GHz in an innovative SoC architecture
  • Integrated fixed and floating point processing within each DSP core combining ease-of-use with unprecedented signal processing performance
  • Robust suite of tools, application-specific software libraries and platform software enabling faster development cycles and more effective debug and analysis
  • Five times the DMA capability and twice the memory per core of other SoCs ensuring robust application performance for customers
  • Product family to include range of devices starting with four-core device for wireless base stations and eight-core device for media gateway and networking applications
  • Direct communication between cores and memory access with TI’s Multicore Navigator freeing peripheral access and unleashing multicore performance
  • A 2 terabit per second on-chip switch fabric, TeraNet 2, providing high bandwidth and low latency interconnection of all of the SoC elements
  • A Multicore Shared Memory Controller allowing faster on-chip and external memory access
  • High-performance layer 1, layer 2 and network co-processors

More information: Texas Instruments