Nexcom NISE 110 Industrial Computer System

The Nexcom NISE 110 is a palm sized fanless industrial computer system. The NISE 110 features a 600 MHz Intel EP80579 Tolapai CPU and interfaces for 2 x CAN bus (protocol 2.0 B), IEEE1394a, dual Gbe LAN and 2x RS232. It is ideal for space critical computing environments and industrial automation applications. The CAN bus interfaces support both 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers and bit rates up to 1Mbps.

Nexcom NISE 110 Industrial Computer System

Nexcom NISE 110 Industrial Computer System Features

  • On-board Intel EP80579 Integrated Processor, 600 MHz
  • Dual Marvell GbE LANs
  • 1 x DB15 VGA port
  • 2 x RS232, 4x USB
  • 2 x CAN Bus 2.0b
  • 1 x IEEE1394a
  • +12V DC input

The NISE 110 is housed in a robust aluminium chassis. It measures only 185mm (W) x 131 mm (D) x 54mm (H). Because of its small size, the NISE 110 can be used for reduced space applications that require industrial-grade reliability. With a low power consumption of <30W and 12V DC power input, NISE 110 is the ideal for machine automation (packaging, printing or molding machines, power management devices) and building automation (including elevator control and security signal control).

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