Summit SMB274 Programmable Driver for LensVector AutoFocus Devices

Summit Microelectronics announced the SMB274 programmable driver for the LensVector solid-state AutoFocus device. LensVector AutoFocus replaces the complex, bulky and often fragile mechanical autofocus mechanisms currently found in camera phones with a simple and easy-to-integrate solid-state component. The SMB274 is offered in a 1.34mm x 2.34mm, 15-ball WLCSP package. Samples and evaluation kits will be available later this quarter from Summit and LensVector.

Summit Microelectronics SMB274 Programmable Driver for LensVector AutoFocus (LVAF) Devices

Summit Microelectronics SMB274 Programmable Driver Features

  • I2C/SMBus serial interface with OTP NV configuration
  • Programmable device driver with integrated high-voltage charge pump and switching output
    • +28V nominal output
    • Programmable dynamic drive duration (0ms-255ms)
    • Programmable frequency (100Hz-100kHz)
    • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Device heater with integrated charge pump and temperature control
  • Standby and shutdown modes for ultra-low power operation
  • +2.7 to +5.5V input for Li-Ion applications
  • Tiny 1.34 x 2.34mm CSP-15 package

The SMB274 combines all the features and functions required to support the LVAF device operation. The autofocus driver is powered by an on-chip charge pump while integrated feedback signal processing optimizes performance and minimizes external components. To ease system integration the SMB274′s I2C/SMBus serial interface and non-volatile configuration options provide simple host control and flexibility to address various applications. Together these features allow seamless operation with existing and emerging autofocus control systems in mobile phone cameras.

More information: Summit Microelectronics | LensVector