Freescale MSC8155 Digital Signal Processor

Freescale Semiconductor announced the MSC8155 digital signal processor (DSP). The MSC8155 DSP is a higher performance and cost-optimized version of the MSC8156 DSP based on the latest StarCore technology. The MSC8155 is ideal for broadband wireless base station equipment. The MSC8156 DSP has been qualified on 45nm process technology and is now ramping into production. Freescale will sample the MSC8155 DSP in the third quarter. The MSC8155 is housed in a 783-pin FC-PBGA package.

The Freescale MSC8155 processor features six SC3850 StarCore DSP cores running at 1 GHz on a single die. It delivers 6 GHz of raw DSP performance. The MSC8155 includes a second-generation version of Freescale’s multi-accelerator platform engine acceleration block (MAPLE-B2L) and the newest interconnect Serial RapidIO Gen2 technology. The MSC8155 DSP supports existing 3G-UMTS, TD-SCDMA, and WiMAX base station deployments and upcoming 3G-LTE standards such as FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE features including Turbo/Viterbi FEC.

The MSC8155 digital signal processor helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) take full advantage of 3G-LTE, HSPA+ and WiMAX at very high throughput required for the most advanced 20 MHz 3G-LTE and HSPA+ basestations. The raw performance of the fully programmable cores and the MAPLE-B2L acceleration technology also eliminate the need to incorporate costly FPGAs or develop ASIC devices for 3G-LTE and WiMAX base stations.

The MSC8155 DSP is code- and pin-compatible with the MSC8156, thereby easing migration and allowing for deployment of both parts in a single wireless base station design. The versatility of the new DSP enables multi-standard software definable radio for common base station platforms and helps OEMs save operating expenses by taking advantage of core programmability and the multi-standard baseband accelerator.

The enhanced MAPLE-B2L baseband accelerator embedded in the MSC8155 DSP gives OEMs more headroom to easily add differentiating features. MAPLE-B2L delivers exceptional overall performance to meet extremely high data rates and very low latencies required by next-generation broadband wireless base stations. The accelerator features a new and extremely high performance Turbo encoder, a higher throughput Turbo decoder and Fourier transforms acceleration engines.

The MAPLE-B2L offers turbo decoding with rate de-matching and HARQ-combining capacity of up to 330 Mbps at eight iterations, Viterbi decoding of up to 200 Mbps and turbo encoding with rate matching capabilities up to 900 Mbps. The embedded FFT engines support up to 900 Msps of FFT/iFFT or 630 Msps of DFT/iDFT throughputs. It also provides CRC check or insertion with up to 10 Gbps throughput.

The MSC8155 is equipped with the latest Serial RapidIO Gen2 standard serial interface supporting up to 5 Gbaud per lane and featuring enhanced messaging unit support for Type 9 streaming that enables the combination of multiple and different types of data streams over the same interconnect. It delivers up to 16 Gbps bandwidth for each direction to enable high throughput interconnect between multiple devices on multi-DSP multi-sector base station channel cards. Other high bandwidth peripherals include Dual Gigabit Ethernet SGMII/RGMII and 64-bit DDR2/3 memory interface at 800 MHz.

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