Lanner Electronics FW-8910 Network Security Appliance

Lanner Electronics introduced the FW-8910 Network Security Appliance. The FW-8910 is a 2U rackmount dual CPU appliance built around two Intel Xeon C5500 processors and supports up to 40GbE ports. It features integrated memory controller, integrated PCI-Express Gen2 controller, and Intel Quick Path Interconnect technology. The FW-8910 is ideal for network security, NAC, WAN Acceleration, and ADC applications. The Lanner FW-8910 is available this quarter for sample orders.

Lanner FW-8910 Network Security Appliance Features

  • Increased performance suitable for a wide range of security applications. Built around the Intel 3420 chipset, this platform supports two bleeding-edge Intel Xeon C5500 series processors.
  • Grow performance and bandwidth according to the need. With Lanner’s unique modular design, five plug-in modules can be configured with up to 40 network ports including Gigabit Ethernet, bypass ports and 10GbE SFP ports.
  • Secures the network and protects investment in the case of component failure with two high-efficiency 500W power supply units.
  • Choose from a wealth of customizable features including two removable SATA hard drives, up to 96GB DDR3 memory and two PCIe expansion slots. An optional Cavium CN1620 content inspection accelerator provides even higher throughput by offloading compute-intensive tasks from the CPUs.

The FW-8910 network security appliance includes up to five customized Ethernet modules for a combination of up to 40 LAN ports combining GbE copper, fiber and bypass port options. The FW-8910 supports multiple 10Gbps cards, either fiber or 10G Base-T copper. Twelve DIMM sockets support up to 96GB DDR3 memory, and four 2.5″ hard drives allows for RAID based data protection. High availability features include optional RAID, swappable system fans and redundant 500W power supplies. An optional onboard Cavium Nitrox CN1620 security processor offloads high-level security commands to dramatically increase total system throughput.

The modular design of the FW-8910 results in easy replacement of front-facing network port modules, hot-swappable hard drives, rear-accessible fan assemblies, and power supply units. The Lanner Electronics FW-8910 features a front LCM panel, 1GbE management port, dual USB, console port, and IPMI 2.0 port for lights out management (LOM).

More information: Lanner Electronics FW-8910 Network Security Appliance (pdf)