Physik Instrumente N-216 NEXLINE Linear Piezo Motor

Physik Instrumente (PI) announced the N-216 NEXLINE high-load piezo linear motors. The N-216 NEXLINE ultra-precision nanopositioning actuators with travel ranges to 20 mm and push / pull forces to 600 N (130 lb). The operating principle is based on coordinated motion of a number of highly preloaded linear and shear piezo elements acting on a ceramic runner and does not involve rotation/linear conversion.

Physik Instrumente (PI) N-216 NEXLINE high-load piezo linear motors

PI N-216 NEXLINE Features

  • All-Ceramic Drive, Extreme Lifetime, No Lubricants
  • Direct Linear Motion, does not involve Rotation / Conversion
  • Non-Magnetic and Vacuum and Clean room Compatible Working Principle
  • Push / Pull Forces to 600 N /130 lbs
  • High Holding Forces, to 800 N / 177 lbs (Power Off, No Heat Generation)
  • Travel Range 20 mm
  • Resolution to 0.03 nm (30 Picometers)
  • Self-Locking at Rest, No Heat Generation

N-216 linear motors come in two versions for open- or closed-loop operation, as well as in two different load configurations. Closed-loop versions are equipped with a linear encoder for direct position measurement of the moving runner. The encoder features 5 nm resolution over the full travel range. In open-loop operation a positioning resolution to 30 picometers can be realized by use of the (high-dynamics) analog operation mode.

NEXLINE operation is supported by two motion controller models providing different features. The (lower-cost) E-755 controller offers full functionality for nanometer precise positioning. The E-712 supplies more sophisticated linearization algorithms resulting in very smooth motion with highly constant velocity and offers greater flexibility by nature of its modular design.

More information: Physik Instrumente