AVIX RTOS v3.5 with Energy Saving Features

AVIX-RT introduced version 3.5 of the AVIX RTOS. The latest version of the AVIX real-time operating system helps engineers take advantage of the energy saving capabilities of the applied microcontroller. AVIX RTOS v3.5 is available for all 16 and 32 bit Microchip Microcontrollers and can be downloaded in a free demo distribution. AVIX is accompanied by a comprehensive user manual and a utility to monitor the status of the AVIX based application from within the Microchip MPLAB development environment.

Energy reduction functionality is fully integrated in AVIX leading to a much easier deployment than possible with many competing product. Basic energy saving is accomplished by a single function call and for more extensive energy reduction AVIX offers the hooks to fine tune your application. AVIX RTOS v3.5 will significantly decrease energy consumption in battery powered devices.

AVIX RTOS features mutexes, semaphores, pipes, timers, message queues, event flags, and memory support. All the functionality is accessible through a user friendly and largely type safe API allowing programming errors to be found compile time instead of runtime. AVIX offers a software based system stack for exclusive use by interrupt handlers leading to a very significant reduction in the amount of RAM used by your application.

For testing and validation, AVIX offers Real Time Thread Activation Tracing, a non-intrusive mechanism showing the activation of threads real-time on a logic analyzer. The mechanism is usable both during development and in the end-product and offers unprecedented insight in your applications behavior.

In a recent open source Thread-Metric performance test, AVIX was the winner in six of the seven tests.

More information: AVIX RTOS