Data Translation DT9824 Data Acquisition Module

Data Translation introduced the DT9824 ultra-high resolution USB data acquisition module for portable test and measurement. The USB-powered DT9824 enables users to simultaneously sample up to four fully isolated 24-bit inputs, guaranteeing complete signal measurement protection from all environmental or system noise. The DT9824 is priced at $1695 and ships 6-8 weeks ARO.

Data Translation DT9824 Data Acquisition Module Features

    Data Translation DT9824 Data Acquisition Module

  • 4 Simultaneous analog inputs at throughput rates up to 4800Hz
  • High resolution 24-bit analog input subsystem offers ultimate signal accuracy
  • Complete ISO-Channel signal integrity with 1000V galvanic isolation channel to channel protects signal integrity
  • Optional signal sampling ranges of ±10V with programmable gains of 1, 8, 16, and 32 offers even greater resolution
  • Software and .external trigger maintains timely and efficient sampling
  • Single-value and continuous conversion modes provide input flexibility
  • Totally self-powered through USB
  • 16 (8 in, 8 out) opto-isolated digital lines for correlating measurements
  • Rugged enclosure for noise immunity, 1U, ½ rack small profile
  • Includes comprehensive software CD for making measurements quickly and easily

ISO-Channel technology utilizes galvanic isolation methods to guarantee 1000V isolation between any input channel to any other input channel and ±500V to earth ground. ISO-Channel vastly increases reliability by implementing a separate isolated return path for each 24-bit A/D converter used by the four input channels, all operating in parallel. The benefit to the user is total isolation of all input/outputs from each other and from digital ground.

More information: Data Translation