MSC Vertriebs Qseven Starter Kits

MSC Vertriebs announced Qseven Starter Kits that are based on MSC’s Qseven modules (70 x 70mm form factor and the Intel Atom processor). The kits are based on the new 3.5-inch platform board Q7-MB-EP1 and offer a variety of interfaces. The kits feature a Qseven Heatspreader, a ready-to-run Linux installation on USB Flash Stick, and a 12V power supply. Optionally, the evaluation kit is available with a TFT panel and cable kit.

MSC Vertriebs Qseven Starter Kits

Qseven Starter Kits Module Options

  • Z530 with 1.6GHz, 1GB DRAM, 3x PCIe x1, 2x SATA-300, 8x USB, Gbit LAN
  • Z510 with 1,1GHz, 1GB DRAM, 3x PCIe x1, 2x SATA-300, 8x USB, Gbit LAN
  • Z510 with 1,1GHz, 512MB DRAM, 1x PCIe x1, 8x USB, Gbit LAN
  • Z530 with 1,6GHz, 1GB DRAM, 4GB Flash Disk, 1x PCIe x1, 1x SATA-150, 8x USB, Gbit LAN
  • Z510 with 1,1GHz, 1GB DRAM, 4GB Flash Disk, 1x PCIe x1, 1x SATA-150, 8x USB, Gbit LAN

The Q7-MB-EP1 Embedded Platform board combines the most important interfaces for embedded applications on a compact 3.5″ printed circuit board (pcb). It features Qseven module socket, Mini-PCI-Express socket, MMC/SD Card socket, VGA/CRT and LVDS interfaces, 2 SATA interfaces and 4x USB connectors, on-board 4/5-wire touch controller for resistive touch panels, 6-channel HD audio codec, serial interface and 10V-28V power converter. The Qseven carrier board is ideal for a wide range of embedded applications from industrial controls to information kiosks and POS systems.

For the Qseven Starter Kit,the selected module will be mounted on the EP1 baseboard and covered with the Qseven Heatspreader which acts as a heat sink and effects a steady distribution of the resulting heat. In addition, an aluminium rail called Heatrail leads heat from the underside of the module down to the metallisation of the carrier board’s pcb. For small housing with little air circulation, an optional heatsink may be mounted on the heatspreader.

For operation without LCD, a CRT/VGA output connector is available on the baseboard. As an alternative, a LVDS TFT panel may be connected using the JILI30 interface of the carrier board. A starter kit with an optional TFT is also available. A 12V power supply with suitable cables is included so that the starter kit may be powered up immediately out of the box.

To further alleviate the integration of Qseven modules, a 4GB USB Flash stick is included which contains a ready-to-run, bootable Ubuntu 9.10 Linux installation. Manuals, drivers and additional tools can be found on the included Resource-CD. The carrier case of the starter kit also contains a comprehensive “Getting-Started” manual which helps with a fast start-up of the kit.

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