Breaking the Flat File Barrier for Embedded Developers White Paper

ITTIA published a white paper about the challenges of hard-coded data management. The white paper explores the use of custom binary and text file formats, and shows how they are inadequate for applications that are better served by a more suitable lightweight relational database solution. The technical paper is titled, Breaking the Flat File Barrier for Embedded Developers.

Failure to leverage available software development tools can significantly hinder the long-term success of any application. ITTIA’s white paper explains the barriers, sharing years of research and development with application developers of embedded systems and intelligent devices.

The demand for embedded devices is growing rapidly, and there is a clear need for development of advanced software to deliver new features on limited hardware, of which data management is a critical component. Embedded lightweight relational databases are used by portable media players to store movies and song trivia, GPS devices to store map data, and mobile devices to collect personal information. Many leading-edge industries have learned the importance of managing data reliably with a relational embedded data management system.

Developers face unique challenges when designing and implementing software for custom embedded hardware. Embedded processor architectures, such as ARM, PowerPC, Atom, and operating systems, such as Linux, each have unique characteristics. Footprint and performance are especially important, and access to source code for all software components is required for customization and portability.

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