ADLINK Express-CBR COM Express Type 2 Computer-on-Module

ADLINK Technology introduced the Ampro by ADLINK Express-CBR COM Express Type 2 Computer-on-Module (COM). The Express-CBR COM Express module features the Intel Core i7 processor (up to 2.0 GH) and the Mobile Intel QM57 Express chipset. The Express-CBR is designed for the harsh environments. The Express-CBR module is ideal for the aerospace, military, defense, transportation, and gaming industries. Single unit pricing of the Express-CBR starts at $1,299. The Express-CBR will begin sampling within 30 days.

Ampro by ADLINK Express-CBR COM Express Type 2 Computer-on-Module (COM)

The Express-CBR is equipped with the Intel Core i7 processor which integrates CPU, memory controller, and graphics core together. Also supported is the Intel QM57 Express chipset, which is an integrated two-chip solution that delivers power management capabilities and necessary technologies for embedded applications. The Express-CBR provides high performance 3D graphics with outputs including CRT, single/dual channel 18/24-bit LVDS, Embedded DisplayPort, and discrete graphics expansion using one PCI Express x8 port. The Express-CBR supports advanced technologies from Intel, such as Intel Turbo-Boost technology providing an extra 25% performance boost and the Intel Hyper-Threading technology providing additional performance and security. Intel Anti-Theft Technology, which enhances physical security, is also supported.

The Express-CBR supports up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory and provides onboard I/O interfaces for Gigabit Ethernet, eight USB 2.0 parts, four SATA port, and an IDE (PATA) channel. Legacy support is also provided for PCI, LPC, SMBus, and I2C. The Express-CBR supports a wide range of industry-leading OS solutions, including Microsoft Windows 7, Wind River Vxworks 6.7, Microsoft Windows CE 6.0, and QNX 6.3.

The Express-CBR provides an extensible firmware interface (EFI) for a highly reliable, proven, versatile, and adaptable BIOS layer that allows streamlined implementation of custom design-specific baseboard features. The capabilities provided by the EFI enable more in-depth control than ever before of the pre-boot and boot environments. The Express-CBR can operate with a power supply range from 9 V to 16 V and over the extended temperature range of -40C to 85C.

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