Renesas SH74552 and SH74562 Microcontrollers

Renesas Technology introduced the SH74552 and SH74562 32-bit MCUs for advanced driver assistance system applications that are needed in automobile “active safety” systems for obstacle detection, risk avoidance, etc. The SH74552 and SH74562 MCUs feature a compact 13 mm × 13 mm package, 160 MHz high-speed operation, 1 MB of high-speed on-chip flash memory, and on-chip functions such as 4-channel CAN. The SH74552 microcontroller is priced at $100 and the SH74562 is priced at $89. Sample shipments will begin in May, 2010 in Japan.

Renesas SH74552 and SH74562 Microcontrollers

The compact SH74552 (R5F74552KBG) and SH74562 (R5F74562KBG) MCUs have the capability for high-speed and fine-grained processing of large amounts of data from sensors. They make it possible to build systems that are more compact and lower in cost. In addition, the SH74552 is equipped with a 2-channel FlexRay controller. The SH74552 also features a 2-channel FlexRay controller, a next-generation backbone network specification providing faster communication speed and enhanced reliability.

Renesas SH74552 and SH74562 Microcontrollers Features

  • Compact package
    The SH74552 and SH74562 employ a FBGA package measuring only 13 mm × 13 mm, deliver the high-speed operation and large-capacity memory necessary for high-speed and fine-grained processing of large volumes of data from sensors in applications such as obstacle detection and risk avoidance, and integrate on-chip peripheral functions such as CAN. They are based on Renesas Technology’s existing 240 MHz products (17 mm × 17 mm) and provide a carefully selected subset of their specifications, enabling them to achieve a mounting area approximately 42% smaller. This makes it possible to build advanced driver assistance systems that require less space, are lower in cost, and are more lightweight, making them suitable for popularly priced vehicles.

  • High-speed operation at 160 MHz
    The SH74552 and SH74562 deliver high-speed operation, with processing performance of 288 MIPS (million instructions per second) at the maximum operating frequency of 160 MHz. This enables them to process large volumes of data from sensors, etc., very rapidly. In addition, since these lower-end MCUs are based on the 240 MHz products that preceded them, existing software resources can be reused, making it possible to quickly develop advanced driver assistance systems for popularly priced vehicles by adapting systems originally intended for luxury cars.
  • Large-capacity flash memory and SRAM on-chip
    The SH74552 and SH74562 have an ample 1 MB of on-chip flash memory to accommodate the large software programs required by advanced driver assistance systems. Renesas Technology MCUs with on-chip flash memory have a proven track record in a wide range of fields, including automotive, consumer, and industrial equipment, and are highly regarded for their excellent reliability and high-speed operation. The SH74552 and SH74562 also have 256 KB of on-chip SRAM for storing large amounts of data such as milliwave data or image data from cameras.

  • Communication functions needed by vehicle networks
    In an advanced driver assistance system, data detected by a sensor electronic control unit (ECU) linked to milliwave radar, cameras, etc., is transferred via a controller area network (CAN) to a sensor fusion ECU, which uses it to perform control functions. The SH74552 and SH74562 integrate 4-channel CAN functionality to accommodate additional sensor or actuator ECUs for higher-performance advanced driver assistance systems.

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