Chassis Plans M2U-20A Rugged COTS Plus Rackmount Computer System

Chassis Plans announced the M2U-20A rugged COTS Plus rackmount computer system. The M2U-20A is designed for high shock and vibration environments found in military applications and includes unique features to assure survival in the harshest environments. The system is optimized for installation in transit cases or for mobile installations such as aircraft or vehicular. The M2U-20A is designed to meet 901D in a shock isolated rack and Mil-Std-810G for survival in high-G applications. The M2U-20A is currently shipping in production quantities.

Chassis Plans M2U-20A rugged COTS Plus rackmount computer system

Chassis Plans M2U-20A Features

  • 5052-H32 high strength aluminum construction
  • Milled solid .250-inch aluminum front panel
  • Accommodates ATX motherboard
  • Three I/O card slots
  • Card hold down system tailored to installed add-in cards
  • Four 2-1/2 inch removable drive bays – all shock isolated
  • Slim line DVD and floppy w/ two front panel USB ports
  • All self locking stainless steel hardware
  • Full width formed and welded front door with air filter
  • EMI / Environmental gasket to seal front door
  • Ample self locking screws in lid to create solid box structure for torsional strength
  • Three high speed 80x38mm cooling fans w/ full width front panel air filter
  • Multiple mounting points for motherboard and processor heat sinks
  • Single or dual redundant power supplies, options for AC, DC, and Mil-Std 704 / 1275
  • Designed for transit case portable applications and to be flight qualified
  • Designed to meet Mil-Stds 901D, 810G, 167
  • Long life components and revision controlled build for long program availability
  • Customer defined features to enhance mission applicability

The system accepts ATX motherboards and provides for three plug-in cards. A unique feature is access to the cards is through a side panel allowing quick insertion and removal of each card without disturbing the other cards. A tailored card hold down system provides optimum support and retention of the plug in cards to assure they stay seated in high-G / high-vibration environments. A variety of 3-slot riser cards provides any desired mix of slot types.

Chassis construction is of high strength .090-inch 5052-H32 aluminum with a chem film per Mil-C-5541E. The front panel is milled from a solid piece of .250-inch aluminum and is finished in black powder coat. The lid is secured with a large number of self locking screws to create a rigid box structure. Alternative finishes and customer specified logo are available.

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