SolidLogic ION GS-L05 System

Logic Supply introduced the rugged SolidLogic ION GS-L05 fanless system. The SolidLogic ION-GS-L05 is available with two mainboard options: one features the Atom 230 CPU and wide input power supply options via the direct-plug picoPSU power supplies and the other features the Atom dual core 330 CPU, onboard power source, and included wireless card with antenna. Dual core system price starts at $485.00 and includes RAM, HDD, and power supply.

SolidLogic NVIDIA ION GS-L05 Media Player

The SolidLogic ION-GS-L05 features an Intel Atom 230 or dual core 330 mainboard paired with the NVIDIA MCP7A-ION chipset offering the GeForce 9400M graphics engine. It also features HDMI, DVI, VGA, digital audio output, and wireless and Gb LAN networking capabilities. The mainboard is contained in a solid steel and aluminum chassis that can be mounted to a variety of surface areas. The case is compact and discreet with a blank front panel for disguised installation in high-traffic locations.

The SolidLogic ION GS-L05 offers excellent thermal management and maintains silent and cool continuous operation. It employs heat pipe technology to conduct heat away from the CPU and chipset to the extruded aluminum heat sinks that comprise the top of the case. There is an option to upgrade to an industrial SSD for a totally solid state (no moving parts) system.

The ION-GS-L05 is ideal for digital signage, kiosk, and various multimedia applications requiring durability and 1080p support.

More information: Logic Supply